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Training Success Stories




Increased confidence on the trail

Greater respect for his rider in challenging siutations

Improve ground manners and "old, bad habits"

Increase conditioning and muscle structure

Meet Major

Major came in for training in May 2023. At the time, he was an 8 year old gelding with less than 100 rides and under 30 days of formal training. His owner had spent 8 months building a solid foundation of groundwork, but needed some help getting him to respect the bit and take his training the the next level. In addition, Major's rider was hoping to expose him to different trails and wilderness experiences to diversity his experiences and gain confidence outside of the arena.

The picture above is Karin and Major on the first day of training.

While at the ranch, Major had the opportunity to excel through a lot of challenges that helped him to become a more well-rounded, confident horse. One challenge for Major was being isolated during turn-out and pasture time. Through repeated exposure to the things he feared, Major learned to self-sooth and cope with uncomfortable feelings.

Through riding on the trails, Karin taught Major respect for rider, overcame bad habits for avoiding and evading pressure and grew in his comfort crossing water and other challenging terrains.


As a result of his time on the ranch, Major graduated training with a much stronger relationship with himself and rider. 

Major's family reports that he is much more confident on the trail and he and his rider have gone on to win All-Around Novice Champions at a local horse show.

Major continues to mature and improve with the skills he has his rider gained from their time at Willow Creek Ranch

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